hey yo i am me and you are you and that's pretty fucking rad if you ask me. while we're here though, i can offer some rp help, i suppose.

i'm infinitely obsessed with the idea of living & my mind is littered with lyrics and bad jokes. don't read too much into the shit i have to say.

monthly word count: 19,242

gotta stay high all the time.

do you ever just miss the fuck out of an rp because me right now tbh i am so fucking sad

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jenna mcdougall gif hunt


Under the cut are #208 gifs of the flawless Jenna Mcdougall as always likes/reblogs are not needed but appreciated, enjoy.


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Title: You
Artist: The Pretty Reckless
Played: 528 times


You // The Pretty Reckless





  • Don’t redistribute or claim as your own.
  • Like or reblog if you download!
  • There are some layers that can be adjust.
  • Download | Template
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hey y’all this is my first character psd ever so it’s pretty basic and easy to use. I made it using a psd only though I’m sure a gradient will look just as aesthetically pleasing on it. if however, you choose to use the psd only, I’d recommend using photos with a touch of blue, pink, black, and white

  • a png or image with a light back ground
  • a gif
  • if you choose to use a png, then the layer masks will not be necessary as I only used them so they wouldn’t overlap with harry
  • if you choose to use an image with a light/white back ground, then you should set it to “darken” and make adjustments to the layer masks
  • the text and rectangle may need to be moved lower or higher, depending upon the length of the name and bottom text
  • like/reblog if you are downloading or using
  • do not redistribute as your own or make claim to it
  • if you have any questions or concerns, then hey, my ask is open and you’re free to message it for some help
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Jill Assists You With a Theme: (p.s i think its my third but idfk) Mia benzofrps

So lately I've been in a rut with my themes, no inspiration, and all that jazz. Like theme makers block, yo. But anyway, now I'm back so here, you guys can enjoy this brand new theme. You can edit it for your personal use, but don't redistribute.

  • One middle sidebar img size 400x400
  • Two small icons, both 110x110
  • Moving tab title
  • Home + ask + navi links

Live Preview + Pastebin

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Theme O7 by lexaofrp: COSETTE -- live preview | download
  • Features 2 sidebars and a links background that are 280x430
  • Optional background image
  • Ask background
  • Four customizable links 
  • Please do not edit and redistribute or redistribute in general
  • You can edit for personal use
  • Please LIKE/REBLOG this is you found this useful
  • This is not a base code, please do not use it as such

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Which tumblr user do you ship me with?



“If I gave into my temptation, my temptation to call you, to hear your voice one more time, I swear all the stars in the sky would fall, just as I would fall once again for you.” 

dedicated to izzy bc u got me whipped.

MUSE A is a classic rock muse, an enigma of their own with a free spirit as untameable as the wind with dreams much bigger than themselves. MUSE A follows local bands around the state, inspired by their spontaneity and constant essential requirement to delve into their true potential. MUSE B is a slave to convention writer who just got their first break after relentlessly sending their work to numerous rock magazines for months. However, with little credentials MUSE B cannot actually meet with the band to interview them, thus making the review they were asked to do incomplete. MUSE A & B meet at the concert when MUSE B realizes MUSE A is a groupie (although MUSE A hates the label calls themselves a “band aid”) and knows the band well, therefore MUSE A becomes suddenly helpful to MUSE B. (yes this is loosely based off of Almost Famous, BYE. they could have some cute night on the town with the band or muse b uses a for other shows and it could be in the 60’s oMG like during Woodstock and it could just be full of rock music and really cute bye)